Monday, November 12, 2007

Now I Can Talk About That One

Ok its official now so i can talk about it. Those of you who know me know that i just moved back to NY. While amidst a crazy menal lapse, i found myself in Kansas City, Missouri. What the hell is out there you ask? My mother who i had not seen in 14 years thats what. To make a very long story very short, she hopped out of my life when i was a wee youngin and i ramdomly found her through that great thing we call myspace a few months ago. After thinkin that i got to know her, i flew out to try to let her get to know me and I, as well, get to know her. All my life i thought she was crazy cause she was never there but she seemed really nice the one time she came out to visit and when we spoke on the phone before i decided to move out. Well boy was i wrong. That bitch is craaaaaaaaaaaaaazy. No exageration with all those a's either. Bonkers. I thought maybe i was doin something wrong and when talkin to my friend from back home he gave some advice on what he thought about the situation, being that it was new for both me and my mother. So i tried givin her the benefit of the doubt about being a nut job. Well that didnt last too long. I couldnt take it i tried really hard while i was out there to better myself and get to know my mom but no. Im gonna go ahead with my childhood additude about her and still think that shes a terrible mother and a nut job. And what being done i hopped on a bus in the middle of the night (which is a story in iteself) to make back in time for CORTACA baby. If you dont know what that is you should def experience it cause its a lot of fun. Im sure there are things like that all over the place. An all weekend drink fest which i have participated in for the previous 5 years but this time was prob my favorite just because I was able to see my friends again which was awesome. I have just realized that this post is very boring and i dont know why i typed it all out. Fuck it, its all good.


Monday, October 29, 2007


I won't lie. It has been almost 9 months since I've even been on this site let alone update my blog, and for that i apologize. The past 9 months have been pretty chaotic. I'd like to believe that I have changed and grown a lot as a person over that time. No I don't have an adult job like some of my peers but I sure as hell am working on it. For starters I would like to believe I have learned the true meaning of a friend. Let me tell you they are few and far between but what I'm not going to tell you is who they are and what they do to make you realize they are a true friend. It wouldn't be any fun if you didn't go through all the drama and hoopla yourself. One thing though is that they are not who you have always thought to be a good friend. Another thing I would like to think I've learned is the true meaning of love. Yes I have loved someone before and because it was my first love I can say that(i think, i hope). Unfortuantly, it was not until I was no longer with this girl that I realized that. I'm actually pretty happy we are not together but thats neither here nor there. What else have I learned on this 9 month journey I call my life? Oh shit I can't even start talking about that one. Well actually I can but not till tomorrows post because I'm very tired.


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Technology...It really is everywhere

Technology is everywhere, and I'm not talking about that new set of goodyears that just came out, I mean consumer electronics. You can't really argue that unless you are in a third world country but even then, if you are reading this you're on a computer so it's in front of you too. It's the phone you just slapped shut, the mp3 player blaring in your ears, the computer you use everyday, and it's even in the shoes you wear. What? Yes it is even in the shoes you can wear. As I was perusing through the internet, I came across this interesting article. This man on the right has designed this sneaker with a GPS locator in the bottom. He came up with this idea after he thought that his son had been kidnapped. I believe it's a very good idea, a little pricey (about $325 a pair), but it would seem to be effective. If your kid was basically stolen from you, I would assume he or she would have shoes on and those would probably be the hardest things to lose. They do make watches and cell phones with the same capabilities but they are much easier to lose then a pair of shoes. All they have to do is reach down and press a small hidden button to activate and the authorities will be notified shortly after. These are also made for adults, but they are not to be used in the hopes to catch someone cheating. If you think about it though it would be impossible to catch them cheating anyway because the wearer would have to activate the shoe and if they do that when they are commiting adultery, well then they're morons.

Anyway, while reading this article I remembered that I had seen another pair of interesting shoes ( left) a while back. Those are a pair of basketball shoes made by Adidas. Whats so special about those you ask? Well, in the sole of this particular pair is a microprocessor, a magnetic sensor and a cable system powered by a motor. This shoe is so smart that it reads the force of the impact of your foot hitting the ground, allowing the shoe to adjust the cushioning. It is supposed to give you the perfect amount of cushioning for the most comfort, thus allowing you to play longer without the sore feet.

Well, feel free to comment or fill me in on any other intelligent shoes that you might know of.


Wednesday, February 7, 2007


As I was searching on the internet this morning, just like every morning, and I came across an interesting article. I find this one interesting because I get into these conversations every once in a while. Well I don't actually debate whether or not to display a skeleton with my friends or anything but, I do occasionally talk about the evolution of man kind.

The evangelical people in the article are spoke of as believing that the world was created in 6 days and all the other biblical notions that come with believing what the bible says. The group of scientists on the other hand, say that we evolved from people like Turkana boy. I, personally, am so stubborn and one sided on this issue that I don't even want to write anything to support, what I believe to be biblical nonsense. I just can't see how one can believe that. Believe me I have tried. I even asked someone that I knew, who believed every last letter in the bible, to tell me about the religious beliefs of where man kind started and how we evolved. How can one man, God, put two people on this earth, Adam and Eve, and have there be no evolutional changes? That honestly makes zero sense. Every other creature that has ever been on this planet has evolved from something else. If they hadn't then there would still be gigantic creatures walking around, stomping our buildings like they are nothing, and eating anything they wanted, including cavemen because that is what we would be if we hadn't evolved. If not cave men then we would probably be 5'3" things with funny looking skulls, but hey that's just my opinion and everyone is entitled to theirs.

I personally think that the people who believe in creationism over there should just let it be because I'm not reading any article of scientist standing outside of churches picketing and trying to get people to change their beliefs.

Here is some more information on Turkana boy, if you are interested.


Tuesday, February 6, 2007


Hello, this blog is to give my opinion and inform people of my general view on current issues and other interesting things going on in the world.

Why should my opinion count? I do not know at this point but it only matters if you let it so therefore it is up to you.

To me, blogging is about broadening your thoughts and views through the insight of other people that will read and comment on the blogs as well as reading and commenting on others.

I hope to be blogging on many different issues but I am a big sports fan, so there will probably be a lot of sports issues being talked about, but I will not limit myself or you to just sports. Comments on the blogs are encouraged, because that is the kind of learning environment I am trying to create.